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OKAY YA’LL 2019 is all about doing what makes me happy. Finding things that make me happy and in the words of one famous Marie Kondo, finding things that “spark joy”. I feel like as we grow and get older it becomes more and more important to do things that truly make you feel good. It’s easy to get yourself stuck into the same routine day in and day out and I have definitely been guilty of that. After I graduated college I felt that life started to get busy with jobs and whatever life brings that I started to lose some of the things that I really enjoyed doing.

2018 I made the change to start doing the things that I enjoy because I find it makes me a better person. It was important for me to make time to do things that I truly enjoy because in return it makes me a better person for those around me. Luckily for me, I was approached by this company that encompasses everything I’ve been striving for. Found My Happy is a feel-good apparel & accessories brand that lets you live, wear & express your happy! Their mood, mission & mantra is to ‘Always Happy Your Way Through Life’! I’ll link their website here for you to check out! It’s a company with a great mantra and that’s something I can definitely support! They donate a portion of their proceeds to Autism Speaks which such an amazing charity.

If anyone is interested in a t-shirt (like mine below) or anything else on their website they were nice enough to give me a discount code for you all! ‘reebsy’ will get you 20% off your purchase!

Keep on reading because I continue about what I’ve been doing this year to keep making myself happy!

One of the ways I’ve been making myself a happier person is going to the city I love most. New York City. There is nothing that makes me happier than spending the day with my fiancé in my favorite place. There's something about this city’s energy is just so contagious. The hustle and bustle of everyone keeps me so motivated. There are just endless opportunities here and its so inspiring. I’ve made a conscious effort to head in for the day more and just explore different areas or go back to some of my favorite places. The Flatiron and Soho are two of my favorite spots!

This blog itself is something else that has brought me a lot of joy. I love being able to share my experiences, fashion and style tips, and my skincare tricks. I love talking about everything above so being able to share with my internet friends is so amazing. I’m the kind of person that has always needed a creative outlet so this has been so amazing for me. Hopefully you guys enjoy it too!

Speaking of creative outlet, dance has always been such a big part of my life. I won’t get into it too much because I already have a whole blog post about it, but finding a dance class to go to each week has been such a life saver. I’ll link my Ricky Sister blog post here if you want to go read more about my dance life. The bonus is that I get to dance with my best friends too!


I hope you guys check out their website cause they’re a really good brand with a great message behind them! Let me know what you guys do to keep you feeling happy!

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