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Our Story...


Shaun Gallagher CEO / Co-Founder & Paul Magid Co-Founder

Two completely different life stories with two different nationalities between them Shaun from Liverpool, U.K and Paul from New Jersey, USA.

But one undeniable passion that they share is their pursuit of finding their HAPPY!

Paul’s overcoming of a lifetime of adversity started with him being paralyzed from the neck down at age thirteen to which he fully recovered from. In a wheelchair at eighteen from multiple surgeries and multiple joint reconstructions. And over several decades the challenges continued with four autoimmune diseases. Hashimoto’s (thyroid), Crohn’s (intestinal), Addison’s (adrenal), and Gilbert’s (liver).Paul's journey has included working in the hustle and bustle of Wall Street NYC, a director at a summer camp and living on an ashram in the Himalayas of India whilst writing his spiritual novel, When God Called A Boy Home.

Shaun’s path started with enlisting into the British army at the young age of 16 just a few weeks after graduating high school. After completing the 28 weeklong combat infantry course he proudly became a soldier in the King’s Regiment. Fast forward a few more years and you would find him on stage as the lead singer of a British Rock & Roll band. Music has always been Shaun’s HAPPY and whilst he is no longer performing, you will still find him strumming his guitar in the office and attending concerts as often as he can.

Between both guys there have been many more adventures along the way, some ups with inevitably some downs, but their relentless pursuit of happiness has led them to where they are today and is what inspired them both to launch Found My Happy.

Paul – “Well, it would be fair to say that Life has thrown me more adversity than I never expected and there is no sugar coating that a lot of those years were quite hard. I will even admit to more than once looking up and saying, ‘You CAN’T be serious.’ But on the plus side all of those challenging years have led me here, to a place of gratitude surrounded by loved ones & many dear friends alike. And a return to a state of pure glee that I remember as a boy growing up in the 1970’s. So, I have genuinely Found My Happy, for while I don’t know what comes next, I can’t wait to find out what it is!” 

 Shaun – “I’m often asked if I have found my Happy? That is a difficult question to answer as everyone’s journey to happiness is different. It took me several life experiences paths if you like! To piece my happy puzzle together. I now know it started when I was a young boy and my grandfather used to tell me stories of when he was a young seaman sailing around the world but particularly his trips to New York City. I very quickly become fascinated with this place they called the big apple and this city that never slept. Growing up and seeing New York in the movies always had a profound effect on me it is hard to explain but it kind of took my breath away & made my hairs stand on end. However, this magical place might as well of been in space as it seemed so far away from where I was. It would be a very long time until I would make my maiden voyage, I was 29 years of age the first time I came here with my then girlfriend who is now my wife. Those feelings of being a child on my grandad’s knee listening to his adventures around Manhattan hit me like a tidal wave so many emotions ran through me. It was on this first visit that my future was laid out for me. First marrying my girlfriend in Washington Square Park Greenwich Village then the both of us leaving the careers we had built in the U.K saying our farewells to family & friends to live our happy in the U S Of A! I will always be a happy seeker and my pursuit of happiness will more than likely go on. But in answer to the question, I started with I’M PRETTY DAMN CLOSE GUYS!!

Found My Happy The first of its kind. Pioneering the HAPPY movement. An apparel & accessories brand for our time encouraging the world to find their HAPPY. Empowering you to Live, Wear & Share your HAPPY everyday! Being unapologetic for pursuing your happiness and becoming part of the ever-growing HAPPY Culture.

Our mantra - Always Happy Your Way Through Life!

The Mission - Spread More Happy In The World One Smile At A Time. 

Why? - Because Being HAPPY never goes out of style and HAPPY looks good you!

This is ACE (brand logo) ACE is your buddy! And with his crooked smile, ACE represents everyone, everywhere who has or is overcoming adversity yet finds it in themselves to going about living their lives HAPPY every day. Ace reminds us we can get through anything as long as we Find Our Happy.